Is Geoengineering inevitable?


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Dear All,

sorry for the self-promotion but I have become convinced that Geoengineering is inevitable considering the emission trajectory, available solutions, and the need to meet reasonable temperature targets by 2050-2100. I am recording a course on The Planet Remade by Oliver Morton. ANy comments welcome -

Stay safe everybody,
Raghu Murtugudde


Adrian Hindes
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I think it depends on your personal view of inevitability as such, societal decision making and so on. It's entirely possible that global warming continues with lackluster mitigation, but controversy/public opposition to (solar) geoengineering keeps it off policy tables.

Edit: I had a quick look at your playlist on YouTube and realised you probably mean "geoengineering" more broadly to include CDR too. Obviously if one takes even the briefest look at IPCC results, quite a bit of drawdown is required to meet Paris targets. Again, though, I still don't know if it's right to say it's "inevitable" as such, particularly given the likely significant challenges to be faced scaling up requisite CDR technology to levels of Gt/yr.
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