Webinar Question by participant: NAS Report Governance and Social Aspects: Question on governance on indoor research

Simone Tilmes

Staff member
Why are you recommending governance for indoor research? In my more than 40 years of climate research, there has never been governance before. Why should anyone tell me what to think about or what climate model simulations to conduct? And how can such governance be implemented? Isn’t your report meant to recommend research on governance, and not to already come down with “should” statements about governance now?


Lisa Dilling
New member
Please listen to the webinar for a fuller answer to this question. Briefly, we were tasked with developing a governance framework for solar geogineering research in addition to a research agenda on the three specified techniques of SG more generally (not just a research agenda on governance). Governance is not telling people what model simulations to conduct. There are many aspects that fall under governance including community research norms (e.g. codes of conduct), transparency mechanisms such as listing what research is being conducted, data sharing agreements, etc. Indeed, the participant who asked this question said that the modeling community is already engaging in many of these practices.